Benefits of US citizenship by investment,job%20creation%20and%20capital%20investment.&text=%24900%2C000%20(U.S.)%20in%20a%20high,considered%20a%20targeted%20employment%20area.

Approximately 1.5 lac visas are made available to applicants qualified to work as skilled-migrants, every year. But it’s not as simple as it seems, because employment based immigration has further multiple sub-divisions that the immigration system has appointed.

Following are the Immigrant investor visa categories:

Employment creation outside a targeted area – C5
Employment creation in a targeted rural/high unemployment area – T5
Investor Pilot Program not in a targeted area – R5
Investor Pilot Program in a targeted area – I5
These are general categories divided into further specific options that are liable to people who are interested to make investments in the process to move. There are many obvious reasons why it is such a good option to pick, but the main one is where the two birds from one stone metaphor is applicable.

When one moves to a whole new country, there’s much to look for over there, not to mention the burden of finding accommodation, academic concerns, medical treatments, community and a stable job to provide for all that. Having an investor relationship in the country gives you the assurity of some profits, that become your earnings and work as income for the household once you move there. This gives you an advantage in the form of getting both the visa and an income source already established in the works.

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