Declining US immigration numbers and treatment of the undocumented


According to a highly integral research conducted recently, it has been estimated that the US holds the world’s largest population of immigrants, that includes people from all countries over the world, that are liable to cross into the states. This accounts to about one fifth of the world’s immigrant population, solely residing in the United state, the figure is close to 40 million in numbers. This largely has to do with changes in trends and policies of the government of the United States, with changing governments and new people in the office, that either change a law or introduce new ones, directly affecting the foriegn population seeking a home in this country.

Recently since about a year ago, the controversy around undocumented immigrants has surged throughout international and local media. People call it as controversy because the presiding government has criminlaized undocumented immigrants, despite of age or social standing. This issue sparked such a heated debate among mainly US white nationalists that believe that foreigners do not deserve to come and live in their country, hoarding their resources etc. which we can easily define as racist or xenophobic because nationalists claim that people, even if disadvantged, have no right to move to their country to seek a better lifestyle. This type of behavior and hostility does not spare any specific type of foreigners, whether you are on a USA student visa or investor visa USA.

Granted that in today’s day and age there are many types of immigrations for USA, there’s USA immigration by investment, USA second citizenship, US citizenship by investment etc, which have their further subdivisions. But you have to keep in mind that many immigrants that reach these countries flee war and poverty, they are looking for stability and a better, peaceful lifestyle that might subject them to peace of mind in this country, with better opportunities for career, living and education.

No matter how many USA immigrations types are there, when the laws don’t support you or back you up, you will be left stranded, and that’s what has happened to millions of US immigrants recently, under the Trump Administration. People are still rightfully allowed to come to the states, but fro those that are undocumented, filing and becoming citizens has been made much more difficult and hard to reach for them. Additionally, the Trump administration has issued a “zero tolerance” policy, which uses the law to step up prosecutions and to justify separating migrant children from their parents. But this is only the tip of the iceberg, and going into details would be a really long discussion on how loopholes and restrictions in the system make it difficult for these “illegal immigrants” crossing the border to legalize their presence in the country.

Surprisingly as further debates arise, without any fruition to the issue, many immigrants(mostly from the Mexican border) have left the states, fearing prosecution from the law makers. People are still raving about the “national security threat” that immigrants pose, but funnily enough, the immigrant population has been declining the past few years, and it is still going down according to Pew Research Centre.

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