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Immigration Fraud is More Common than You Think!

Did you know that fraudulent application can get you banned from applying for Canada PR?! Immigration Consultancy scams are more common than you think. The best way to be sure about your Immigration Advisor is to visit him or her at the corporate office. Ask for proofs and check if they have an immigration lawyer in-house. The wrong help can hurt. You may have done your 100% as per the instructions provided, but if your consultants are fraudsters without proper licenses and registrations you stand to be rejected and banned for 5 years from re applying.

Here is 5 Point Checklist to Identify Visa Fraud

What is ICCRC and Why is it Important?
Have you checked the authenticity of your consultants? If you have decided to migrate to Canada and is in the process of scouting for a legit Immigration Advisory, then you should know about ICCRC.

Being ICCRC registered means we are accountable for every case we undertake in front of the law. You will be provided with proofs of all transactions with us, enabling you to sue for any malpractice or fraud. We only take cases that are eligible as per the conditions set by the Canadian govt. and work in tandem with laws and regulations.

You can check our authenticity by going to ICCRC official website and entering the name of our CEO RCIC Shanaz Lakhani

Beware of Visa Scams!

The wrong help can hurt! Vision Immigration has in-house ICCRC lawyer and provides only legitimate and valid services. Beware of any firm or person who promises you a guaranteed job or visa. Granting of PR is 100% at the discretion of the country’s Government and nobody can claim otherwise.

There may be millions of self-proclaimed immigration consultants, but the fact is there are only a little over 3000 ICCRC registered immigration consultants in the entire world. This gives a fair idea about the scale of immigration fraud that happens around the globe. We strongly condemn such practices and warn the public to exercise caution when approaching a consultant.

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