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The skilled migration program refers to the immigration system that has been designed to attract qualified professional candidates. The objective behind this program is to select immigrants that can positively contribute to the economy through their professional skill set and relevant education. The skilled stream offers the immigrants an avenue to explore their professional skills and make a productive life for themselves and their families.

Skilled migration is a point-based system. Applicants will be awarded points on various criteria like age, education, work experience, etc., set by the government of the respective country or province. To be able to launch his/her profile, applicants will have to achieve the total qualifying score. Eventually, successful candidates will get PR Visa (Permanent Residence) which entitles them to live and work in the country, and after a certain period apply for passport and become citizens.

Presently Canada and Australia offer the option for skilled migration whereby, eligible candidates can apply to receive their ITA (Invitation to Apply). In Australia, it is called the General Skilled Migration (GSM) and in Canada, the program is called the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSW).

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