Skilled USA migration: Top10 best cities to choose from

More often than not people have their own personal and subjective reasons to move to another place, whether that’s inside their own country or to another country altogether. Whether it’s study, work or any other personal reason for moving, people prefer a certain place based on their own personal choice.

Regardless, there are still some universal aspects to a place whether it’s towards one city/state or a country as a whole and further on, that makes it favorable for residents living in that region. These include job opportunities, educational facilities, housing, healthcare, recreational activities, crime rate, gender disparity rate, community aspect, the standard of living along other things. As mentioned earlier, people have many subjective reasons to choose either any of these aspects while moving or their own personal reasons.

With regards to the USA as one single most popular country among migrants, these same rules apply as well. Any USA immigration consultant in Dubai and USA immigration consultant in UAE even can tell you which program to choose while moving, whether that’s skilled migration or USA immigration by investment. But this article is dedicated to providing information about the best-ranked cities in the US by 24/7 Wall St.

Although the original ranking involved 50 cities ranked one after each other, we are talking about the top 10 today, and on what basis they ended up being on the top. There might be a future article in continuation of the cities in this list, so keep a lookout for that. The research consisted of a weighted index measured across 25 sections within these 4 categories that include affordability, economy, quality of life, and community. Within these 4 categories were multiple fronts that measured the quality of that place based on those aspects.

These four main categories seem to exclude a larger front of categories that we mentioned earlier from the looks of it, but the subcategories within these four categories that were used to measure the quality of life in different cities cover a lot of ground. The sub-categories include things such as education, affordability in terms of day-to-day expenses, healthcare, etc., job opportunities within a wide range of skill sets, and other activities spanning from recreation to infrastructure. Another important aspect is mobility, whether that’s inter-city commute or intra-city and regional travel that allows a person to move around as per their own discretion.

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