Top 5 cities to live in Canada

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  1. Montreal, Quebec


It’s common knowledge among people that know even a little bit about Canada as a country, that after English, the second most commonly spoken language here is French. It is also in Canada’s Express Entry Program requirements, to have proficiency in either English or French if you are applying for immigration.

Montreal is one of those cities with a majority of French speaking people, as is Quebec as a whole province. This is one of those cities that still seems preserved and untouched with the Victorian architecture of the early times, that show the city’s French roots.. It was also the earlier economic centre of Canada uptil early 70s. It still holds some of the most famous historic landmarks including, 50 National Historic Sites of Canada.


  1. Toronto, Ontario


Torontro is famous as not only Ontaripo but Canada’s financial center or hub. Some people even refer to it as the New York of North America.

Additionally known for its affiliation with big sports teams( Blue Jays and Raptors etc), its cultural and community aspects through great theatres and museums that people all over the world look forward to visiting. Being within two hours distance of the US, and being a focal point for modern city facilities it also simultaneously links with Lake Ontario along with other river belts, trails and parks.


  1. Halifax, Nova Scotia


Halifax is another city located within the ocean’s reach, where people have captivating outdoor spaces and the street culture speaks of hospitality and welcome aboard nature.

The city has its big city things to lug you around and provide you with all your required facilities a big city dweller might require, but with an old small town personality. Where people are extremely friendly and the sites are just to die for, with 17th century preserved architecture and sunsets on seashores.


  1. Vancouver, British Columbia


We’ve all heard the most about Canada in films and TV through the natural sites of Vancouver, a space where mountains collide with the ocean. Due to its sea channel links, the city also acts as a port hub, therefore increasing economic activity in that area.

Also famously known for its exceptional transportation system, it can take you from hitting the city to any deep hidden downtown area within a small amount of time. Despite being quite popular and ideal, this isn’t a densely populated city where the hustle and bustle never stops. Due to nature’s serene and calm presence, the city maintains a peaceful atmosphere despite being a very financially active area.


5.Calgary, Alberta


We’ve talked about the New York of Canada, now is the time of Texas, in North America, with west spirit and cowboy hats and everything. It identifies as one of Canada’s top locations ever since hosting the Winter Olympics of 1988.

Despite being well known as the ‘old cowtown’ the city stands as a cosmopolitan and as a massive economical joint as it hosts Canada’s biggest Oil industry. With an abundance of skyscrapers and a close-knitted relationship with the mountains and trails nearby, it remains a hybrid city like most of Canada.

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