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Immigration company is an entity there to assist you in your immigration process from one country to another, no matter for what purpose you are making that move. But normal circumstances dictate that a person migrates to study, work or live at a new place or country, for a temporary or permanent amount of time. This obviously wasn’t always a thing, people used to find their own way through the whole visa application process, but after it was clear that there can be an intermediary between the interested candidate that wants to migrate to a country and the said country in question, things became a lot easier for people.

Immigration companies provide you with the constant assistance from start to finish of the application procedure for any country. Even though it depends and varies between the quality of the work and the integrity of the service provider. Vision Immigration Advisory an immigration company in Dubai, that provides exceptional services in different parts of the states. These do not restrict to UAE, as the company works internationally and provides services in many countries including India, Pakistan, Tanzania and more.

These companies also help you identify your best country according to your requirements and the best suitable program according to your profile. Or it’s what is required out of them, having even minutely customized programs based on customers or clients’ profile is key.

Many of the procedures involving the visa application process have legal parties involved, which is why state backed immigration companies in Dubai and immigration companies in UAE are the ones you should go for. Vision Immigration is an international advisory firm based in Canada. We have multiple offices across the globe including UAE, India, Oman, Tanzania, Pakistan. We specialize in the use of legitimate channels to offer tailored immigration programs to clients in professional and business communities. We have ethically served our clients for over 26 years, helping them with immigration and resettlement solutions to the countries of their choice.

We are ICCRC certified – Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council; a national regulatory body that serves and protects the public by overseeing licensed immigration consultants. We are indemnified solicitors which means our clients are protected from any malpractices or fraud. Our Investment Advisors report directly to Ms. Shanaz Lakhani – ICCRC Lawyer. Our services include proper assistance in multiple resorts such as:

  • Guide you through the complete registration process for the country of your choice offering immigration and walking you through the process with ease until you receive your permanent Residency.
  • Give thorough professional advice on all the immigration matters, maximizing your chances of visa approval by minimizing the errors and delays of incomplete applications.
  • Assist in identifying education and real estate options. Matching your skills and interests to these countries for selection of job vacancies.

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